Expert Interviews

Step right into the DIGICOR International Conference 2023, a remarkable gathering aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange about innovation in the correctional field.

Experts from various domains discussed issues such as Digital Innovations in prisons, AI, and machine learning and shared their unique perspectives and approaches to shaping the future of inmate reintegration supported by innovative digital solutions.

The participants also reflected on practical implementation experiences of digitalization in prisons and probation in some European countries.

The event was hosted by Directorate-General for Reintegration and Prison Services and IPS_Innovative Prison Systems in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 19th and 20th of April 2023. 

Pedro das Neves

CEO of IPS Innovative Prison Systems

Simon Bonk

Chief Research Officer of Telio Group

Steven van de Steene

Consultant and Researcher at SMART Corrections Consulting

Pia Puolakka

Senior Specialist and Team Leader at the Finish Custodial Agency

Marjan Lukavecki

Chair of EuroPris expert group

Patrick Fransen

Vice Regional Director of Belgium Prison Service

Anne Klockmeier

Digitalisation Manager at the Bremen Ministry of Justice

Rhianon Williams

Coordinator of DIGICOR project | Bremen Ministry of Justice

George Jackson

Former CIO of Irish Prison Service

Andrada Istrate

Consultant and Researcher at European Strategies Consulting

Jorge Monteiro

Head of programmes and projects department of Portuguese Prison and Probation Services 

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